Can we meet online, or by phone? I find that the type of work I offer works best face to face, but occasional or short term work may be possible online or on the phone.

How long is a session? An hour usually, sometimes ninety minutes for couch work. 

How many sessions would I need? We would normally agree to meet for six sessions, then decide together whether that is enough, or whether to continue in an open-ended way. The ending usually happens when you feel ready to move on.

Can I just come and talk, or do I have to have massage? We can just talk, or you can talk while I listen. Hearing yourself say out loud what you have been thinking privately can in itself be a revelation. We may use the time to work out strategies for dealing with a particular problem, or getting to the nitty gritty of what is bothering you. 

Would I sit on a chair, or lie on a couch, or what? Comfort is important, so you can sit or stand or move around, or lie down if your back prefers that. There are soft and hard chairs, a massage couch, yoga mats and bolsters.

What sort of massage do you use? I use biodynamic massage, which is different from massage for injuries or relaxation, though it often helps with chronic pain and can be very relaxing. It might involve holding your head, putting a hand to support your back, or massaging your feet a bit like reflexology. It is best to wear something loose and comfortable. 

How much does it cost? Currently £50 per hour. Some concessions are available for people on lower incomes – please ask. 

What issues do you work with? Anxiety, depression, fear, guilt, trauma, CTSD, PTSD, addictions, eating disorders, sexual and relationship difficulties, problems at work or with being retired – pretty much anything that goes with being human. 

I’m a therapist myself. Do you offer supervision? Yes, in any modality that is compatible with mine. Please contact me to discuss.